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Features marked in green exist in some form, those in yellow are underway and those in black have yet to be started.

  • Note tool agnostic

  • Public kasten of notes.

  • Private kasten

  • Shared kasten

  • Notes can refer to and include other notes (ie ReTweets, Quoted Tweets or similar).

  • Notes can include attachments.

    • Images

    • PDF

    • Word

    • Video

  • Tags are both explicit #tags and implicit from content.

  • URLs are extracted from both notes and referred notes, or attachments

  • PDF and other document types have metadata extracted and text excerpts (Abstracts, References)

  • DOIs are extracted.

  • Relevant icons on notes for Authors, ORCiD, Twitter, Evernote, etc.

  • Every note has a permanent shareable URL.

  • Each note, referred note and attachment is added to the full text index on each kasten.

  • Tags are both explicit #tags and implicit from content.

  • Every note has a permanent shareable URL

  • Notes can be sharded.

  • Search Results can be bookmarked as a kasten.

  • kasten can be filtered.

  • kasten can be tagged.

  • kasten can have meta-notes

  • API and kasten will be available for both separate installations and as part of federated and distributed systems.

  • API accepts mutiple formats regulated with queues.

  • Filters parse formats into zettel POSTs

  • Initial formats